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For Volunteers Staying @ Loitsukallio & Sylitalo Healing Center


In 2017 I embarked upon my dream! Building a beautiful house and home in the Archipelago of Southern Finland. This is a project I wish to share with anyone inspired to participate in the experience. The house will be built using natural and recycled materials as much as possible. A roundwood timber frame with a reciprocal roof, natural stone foundation, strawbale insulated and clay covered walls.

This summer 2020 I am setting out to achieve another huge dream. This is a dream I share with my lover. We want to create a place for healing within our community and a place open to all humans wishing to rest and heal. The healing center will be dedicated to cultivating a deeper connection to nature, one's self in body, mind, soul and spirit and to healing communication with fellow humans. This project starts with renovating an old 1800's house pretty much from top to bottom.


Volunteers get a free bed/mattress with bedding in which to sleep. They get to spend their visit at Sylitalo and Loitsukallio and participate in the day-to-day life here. We provide volunteers a meal 3 times a day on working days and ingredients for meals on non-working days.

Volunteers pay for their stay by happily participating in all the building, maintenance, cleaning and cooking. All the work is aimed at joyfully creating together the facilities and skills for a lifestyle that heals. Work will be about 5-6 hours, 5 days a week.


The way to get to Livonsaari is by bus or an arranged car lift.

The bus fee is 3 euros and you need to pay in cash, NO card.


Bus nro. 203 leaves at 16:30.

From beside the Library from Linnankatu 2, Turku.


Bus nro. 203 leaves at 17:00.

From beside the Health Center and church, Aurinkotie, Naantali.

From Naantali to Livo there are other small busses but if you consider using one of them, lets look at the timetables then, cause the schedules vary.


Sylitalo is the house where we sleep, wash, cook, eat and do yoga etc.

In the house there is one toilet and outside there is one outhouse.

There is a kitchen for everyone's use. With a stove, oven, fridge and washing basin for dishes.

There is also a freezer for common use.

There has not been a shower in the house but this year we might get one installed.

For washing purposes there is a sauna, which will be heated when ever needed or about twice a week.

There is a washing machine for clothes in the house.

It is also possible to cook food on a campfire or wood-burning grill.


We serve simple vegan or vegetarian food.

Food will be served only on working days, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We aim to grow most of the fresh food in our own gardens.

We use organic produce when ever feasible.

The local shop is only 1 km away and it has excellent opening hours.




-Good shoes for working.

-Clothes that can get very dirty.

-Working gloves are a plus, but I can lend some too.


Volunteers can choose between a few sleeping options.

1st option is sleeping in the house. There is one room with a double bed and another walk-through room with a single bed. There is also a possiblity to sleep on a mattress in the yoga/livingroom if we have lots of guests.

2nd option if it is warm enough (which in summer it probably will be) is outside in one of the outdoor buildings.

3rd option is a tent in the forest at Loitsukallio. At Loitsukallio there is a campfire spot and there will be an outhouse toilet. 


At Sylitalo we aim to recycle as much as possible. Glass, aluminium, plastic, paper, cardboard, cans and bottles. I will walk you through the recycling procedures when you arrive.


THE SEA : It is about 7 km to the sandy beach, called Teersalo. At Teersalo there are two restaurant bars. It is also where the ferry to the next island leaves from. 

You can also find the sea closer, about 1,5 km away. The Community of Livonsaari has a smoke sauna there and a very muddy beach.

THE LAKE : This is one of the most beautiful places on the island. A tiny lake in the middle of the forest. A lovely place to swim once the waters have warmed. But it is not a child-friendly place to swim and not for adults that can't swim. The lake is about 4 km from Sylitalo.

THE FOREST : It is beautiful everywhere and offers peace, silence and fresh air. And tasty berries by the end of summer.

THE CYCLIC ROUTE : There is a popular cycling route around the islands for anyone into cycling and sight-seeing. Here is a link to a website with more info on this route:


NAANTALI OLDTOWN : I found this nice blog about visiting Naantali


Toivastenrantatie 33, Yellow wooden house on the hill right after the barn.

Sini (my number) +358 50 4321 267

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