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SpellRock is a small lovingly crafted home and garden tucked in the safety of a small wood. When you step onto SpellRock you are filled with a feeling of belonging, ease and simplicity. SpellRock carries the intention to inspire, that paradise on Earth is right here. It is anywhere you choose to create it.

SpellRock is a place with no electricity and no running water. For I wish to experience the closeness of Earth. I wish to kindle a deep respect and connection with the elements of fire, earth, water and air. I wish to learn how to love and live in harmony.

This place is still mostly in my head and heart. On this physical realm it is a work under construction. I am deeply committed to creating this place and I commit one nail, one rock, one flower and one loving thought at a time.

LOITSUKALLIO is the true name of the place. It is Finnish and the direct translation into English is SpellRock.

I am the the kind witch and forest elf of SpellRock. I bubble with creativity, energy and inspiration. I feel alive while wandering the woods, sniffing the air after the rain and picking fruits, herbs and vegetables.


My purpose in life is to open my heart. So that more love flows through me and into this world. I open my heart to open all hearts, so that all can live in love.

SpellRock is a creation fed by inspiration and the feeling of freedom. I wish to life a life by my design and to inspire others who wish to do the same.

Thank you for visiting my site and may we meet in person if it is to be so.

Love and warmth,




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